10 Must-Watch TEDx Talks


Inspiration, TEDx

Think all the best talks are from TED’s main stage? Think again!  Below are 10 of my Favorite TEDx Talks. Watch, and be inspired! Note that this list does not include any TEDx Talks that I produced or coached myself – God forbid I have to choose between my own children! The talks below are […]

10 Must-Watch TED Talks


Inspiration, TED

Need a break from writing your own TEDx Talk? Below are 10 of my Favorite TED Talks. Watch them, and you’ll feel inspired & energized! It was hard enough to choose 10 favorites, let alone rank them – eventually, I gave up, and just organized them alphabetically by speaker name. Enjoy! The surprising habits of […]

The Top 7 TEDx Clichés & What To Do Instead

Are you pitching the same idea as everyone else? I’ve reviewed 10,000+ TEDx Speaker Applications. This is your guide to pitching an original talk.