Want to give a viral TEDx Talk? Do this before you step on stage.


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Some times you gotta hear the bad news first, so here it is: Just because you give a TEDx Talk doesn’t mean anyone will see or watch it. Just look at YouTube – the overwhelming majority of TEDx Talks have fewer than 5,000 views! Here’s what I know about you – 5,000 views just won’t […]

Speaking at TEDx? Ask these 7 questions ASAP



Congratulations! You’re speaking at TEDx! You know that person who called or emailed you to confirm that you’re speaking at TEDx? Maybe it was the TEDx Organizer, curator, or producer — that person. I’ll call them the “TEDx Organizer” in this blog for the sake of simplicity. Here are 7 questions to ask your TEDx […]

10 Must-Watch TEDx Talks


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Think all the best talks are from TED’s main stage? Think again!  Below are 10 of my Favorite TEDx Talks. Watch, and be inspired! Note that this list does not include any TEDx Talks that I produced or coached myself – God forbid I have to choose between my own children! The talks below are […]

The Top 7 TEDx Clichés & What To Do Instead

Are you pitching the same idea as everyone else? I’ve reviewed 10,000+ TEDx Speaker Applications. This is your guide to pitching an original talk.