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How to write a speech that acts like a pitch

You don't have to "sell from stage" to make the sale. A well-written talk should have people clamoring to work with you. Here's how: 

I’m Helena!

Pronounced HELL-in-uh, like “Damn, that girl can write a HELL of a good speech!”

I’m a speaker coach and speechwriter based in Los Angeles.

I help industry leaders like you communicate ideas in a way that makes the general public stand up, pay up, and pay attention.

My background is in entertainment. At HBO, I worked on dozens of shows including Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, and Euphoria. Before that, I was an Assistant Director in Hollywood. I’m a lifelong moviegoer. I’m Seth Rogen’s second biggest fan. And I’ll continue using MoviePass even if I get arrested.

I believe that storytelling is the best way to trick your audience into joining a pyramid scheme to lead, inspire, and persuade. And I believe that most keynote speeches, business pitches, corporate presentations, and talks are boring. We can do better.

Great speeches don’t happen by accident

You have the “big idea.” I’ll help you bring it to life.

“2.4 million views & an invitation to speak at TEDWomen.”

“I’ve been speaking in public for over four decades to crowds of 15,000. I was sure I didn’t need a speaking coach – at least that’s what I thought before I met Helena.

 Helena is one of the most gifted speaking coaches I’ve ever encountered. With over 2.4 million views on YouTube, my talk has prompted responses from all 7 continents and invitations to speak across the U.S. and Europe, including at TEDWomen.”

Dr. Paula Stone Williams, Author & Gender Equity Advocate

“Media coverage in leading publications around the world.”

“My TEDx Talk was a transformative experience. Helena completely reworked and translated my script to make it accessible for a general audience. She spent hours with me practicing my delivery.

After the talk was released online, we received media coverage from around the world on major sites like The Guardian, LiveScience, the NY Post, and NBC News. It helped bring in new funding and launch The Earth Archive.”

Dr. Chris Fisher, Archaeologist & Founder of the Earth Archive

“People meet me & say ‘Oh, I watched your TEDx Talk and it was amazing!’”

“It’s actually mind-boggling how impactful my talk has been. It’s given me a level of credibility I didn't have before.

I've secured critical partnerships for my organization from people who found us by watching the talk. People meet with me and say, ‘Oh, I watched your TEDx Talk and it was amazing.’

It’s led to paid keynotes across the country. Helena was nothing short of amazing.”

Matt Vogl, Executive Director of the National Mental Health Innovation Center

How to Get Booked to Speak at TEDx

Insider tips & proven strategies I’ve learned working with hundreds of TEDx Speakers and reviewing over 10,000 TEDx speaker applications.

What if this presentation is more important than you realize?

People underestimate how one talk can change their life or career. Yet it happens to my clients all the time.

You don’t need a business card if you have a viral talk online. Because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on Earth, and now you’re the go-to expert in your field.

It’s not uncommon for my clients to walk off stage to an inbox full of new leads. If you’re an entrepreneur or a coach, that means hearing the ping-ping-ping of Stripe notifications as your packages sell out and your programs fill up.

If you’re a scientist or an activist, giving the best lecture at a prestigious conference can be the difference between millions of dollars in funding and staying up late to write another grant proposal, again. Many of my clients’ projects have been featured in major newspapers, magazines, and journals simply because of their talk.

 If you’re an executive, persuasively communicating your business priorities at a Town Hall (and in a way that doesn’t put everyone to sleep!) can raise your quarterly numbers, and bonus - your bonus! Next Christmas, will you take your family to Mykonos or the Maldives? These are the kinds of questions you need to start asking yourself!

My clients have been featured in:

If you want to change the world, now’s not the time to “wing it”

I only take on clients who are committed to making massive progress, fast. Over the coming weeks, here’s what you can expect to improve:



Clarify your message, identify your audience, and plan your impact



Bring your ideas to life in a script that entertains & persuades.



You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create extraordinary slides.



Be the best version of you on stage - charismatic, energetic and unforgettable.

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Everything is 100% custom-tailored to you

No two presentations are alike because every speaker is unique. But here’s what all of my clients have in common: a talk that they’re proud of.

“Helena is the coach you want in the biggest race of your life.”

“I've struggled over the years with public speaking. The idea of doing a TEDx Talk appealed to me, but I was frightened that I wouldn't do it well – rather, terrified.

 Helena is full of ideas and inspiration. She doesn't con you with empty praise or false encouragement, but offers clear-eyed advice you trust, even if it makes you nervous. She's someone you want to impress.

Giving my talk was a liberating experience. I went out on that stage and delivered more confidently than ever before.”

Chuck Plunkett, Journalist

“More requests for keynote speeches than I can accomodate!”

“I was a good public speaker before working with her, but Helena took my speaking skills to the next level. She has an uncanny ability to zero in on what matters and what should be left out of a speech.

Thanks to Helena’s coaching, my career has blossomed. I now receive more requests for keynote speeches than I can accommodate.”

Mara Mintzer, Founder of Growing Up Boulder

“Featured as the ‘Talk of the Day’ on & invitations to speak around the world.”

“Helena helped turn my dry academic talk into a compelling story that kept the audience engaged and interested.

After my TEDx Talk was the featured ‘talk of the day’ on, it received half a million views and I started getting a lot more invitations to speak at events around the world. It definitely raised the visibility of my work in the public eye.”

Carson Bruns, Molecular Nanotechnologist

Results that change peoples’ lives

Imagine scrolling down to the comment section to find this:

When you stand up for what you believe in,
the room stands up with you.

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“Featured on TEDRadioHour”

“Helena has a knack for taking complicated academic research and making it digestible and entertaining for a mass audience. My script changed so much for the better, and she boosted my confidence. She makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.

In the end, my TEDx Talk was featured on TEDRadioHour and I’ve gotten plenty of press opportunities from it.”

Pat Ferrucci, Sociologist

“People reach out & say they were moved by what I had to say.”

“I have more than 1.1 million views online and my visibility has really increased. It was a great accomplishment - a dream come true.

Helena was indispensable every step of the way. She really brought out the best in me.”

Susan Cottrell, Faith Leader & LGBTQ Advocate

“Helena was personally committed to my success.

“Delivering a talk on the TEDx stage has been a game-changer. Helena helped improve all aspects of my talk – the idea, script, memorization, and delivery.

My talk has made people stand up and pay attention in a way that they didn't before.”

Sarah Konradi, Program Director at the National Wildlife Federation

The Top 7 TEDx Clichés & What To Do Instead

Are you pitching the same idea as everyone else? I’ve reviewed 10,000+ TEDx Speaker Applications. This is your guide to pitching an original talk.